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TBG trip in Montanema handmade village

24-27 of April 2015, i was invited along with other members of Travel Bloggers Greece in a fantastic place in Karditsa. At Montanema Hand Made Village. The complex is located in the heart of a mountain just 4.5 km from the northern end of Plastiras lake.

montanema handmade village

The scenery was magical and we had a fabulous time with  my friends of TBG. The four days in Montanema reminded me several times a summer in the village of my great-grandfather in Tzoumerka Mountains.

montanema handmade village

But the similarities stop at the landscape as Montanema is certainly a forest village that has been built with absolute respect for nature and natural stone materials and wood, but offers comfort and luxury that a mountain village didnt had back in the 70s.

montanema handmade village

I will try with some posts and of course a lot of images to convey to you how we spent these 4 days in Montanema Handmade Village. If you are looking for a place to relax and get in touch with nature, if you want to experience a different face of Greece with great hospitality, then Montanema is the perfect place for you.

montanema handmade village

For more information take a look at the official website of the hotel  montanema.gr .

You may find useful the google map of the place

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Travel Bloggers Greece

This Sunday, January 18 was an interesting day. I was invited to the first presentation of Travel Bloggers Greece at Pallas Athena a Grecotel boutique hotel in the center of Athens.


During this first briefing Elena Sergeeva and Marissa Tejada the founders who had this wonderful idea explained to us in detail the objectives of Travel Bloggers Greece. Also the bloggers who attended the event we made a short presentation of our blogs. This was followed by lunch and a very pleasant conversation that helped us to know each other better. The first day of the presentation included an interesting limo tour but unfortunately some obligations forced me to leave after the lunch.


Travel Bloggers Greece is a non-profit networking group with a mission to promote  the interests of travel bloggers that cover Greece as a travel destination. Travel Bloggers Greece  also wants to educate about travel blogging, promote authentic travel and the most important for me increased awareness of Greek travel destinations. For all these gentle goals I decide from the first moment to participate as a full member.


More information: Travel Bloggers Greece