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A different way to search for travel destinations

As a member of Travel Bloggers Greece (TBG) I was invited to a presentation of a Greek start-up company called Tripinview that took place last Thursday at the Village Cinemas at the Mall in Μarousi, where many pleasant surprises awaited me. First of all, before the presentation started, I came across a very dear, old friend and peer, Sokratis Efstathopoulos who is one of the main factors of the project…the photographer.

Tripinview began with the original idea of presenting videos in high definition and outstanding photography taken by helicopter of the entire coastline of popular tourist regions and countries starting with Greece. Of course nothing was easy and Tripinview faced big challenges, how could all this precious material (more than 800,000 images and more than 300 hours of video to date), first of all to be recorded correctly, and then how to be able to present it to the visitor –Internet user in a user-friendly and fully functional way.

The surprises continued as I started to browse through the pictures and the website videos as the material is excellent in photographic terms (what can I do, it is a matter of my professional perversion) you watch the video easily and in perfect synchronisation with the relevant photos that can be seen more close up or you can go back to the map and then again can be taken with a single click to the triple option of video, photos and more close-up photos. In order for this to happen the Tripinview developers had to design many features from the scratch by making applications that someone might have thought unrealized. Certainly important is that they did their best. The Tripinview website is fully functional and very easy to navigate around and you will find it by your selves visited www.tripinview.com

Tripinview exists as a mobile app for android and iphone but I have not tried them out yet and more to come on this in a next blog post. Traveling and photographing on the ground myself for the past 35 years, many times in the same places that has been photographed by the Tripinview helicopter,  if I am jealous of anything it is neither the outstanding photographic images that someone can take from above, nor their use of excellent equipment, what I really envy is the outstanding team, is the human resources of Tripinview at all levels, and the last pleasant surprise for me… is that they are all Greeks. Tripinview so far covers the Mediterranean coastlines of Greece, Turkey, Italy, Malta, Monaco, France, Spain and Portugal and of course there are big plans for future expansion. So place Tripinview in your browser favorites I am sure that will become the main way to search for travel destinations.