TBG rocks!*

In this post I want to just say a big thank you to two wonderful girls Elena and Marissa who had the idea to create the Travel Bloggers Greece and for everything they have accomplished so far.

Elena and Marissa

Marissa and Elena hiking at Montanema

I do not forget that they sent me the first email about TBG on January 4, 2015, and our first meeting with the other founding members took place on January 18. And look I write this post today on April 29, not four months later and see how many interesting things happens during that short period  thanks to these girls.

In a Greece that the knowledge about the internet is running out using facebook and all kinds of partnerships are from difficult to unachievable, TBG shows that collectivity is power.

After a big thanks from my heart to the other members of TBG who we all had the opportunity to know each other better on our trip to Montanema, i wish to Elena and Marissa to be always strong and creative and to continue to represent Travel Bloggers Greece with their unique style.

*This is a Elena’s phrase i dont want to steal the copyright!