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The Spirit of Ios island is Alive

This year I found myself spending a few days in Ios island again. During the short trip from Santorini to Ios I met in the luggage area of the ship, a young kid from Scotland who was carrying two guitars. When I asked him why he had the guitars with him he told me that he was going to Ios to work as a musician and singer in a bar called ‘Circus Bar’ and invited me to go and hear him perform.

I don’t usually go out in the evenings when I’m traveling and taking photographs because at the end of the day I’m very tired, and all I want is a warm shower and  to sit down to study the photos that I have taken and work a little on the internet. But in Ios for the first few days it rained, so I wasn’t very tired. So on the very first night I visited the Circus Bar.

The first thing that struck me was that my new friend is a modest and polite youngster, but when on stage he transforms into a passionate performer who flows with his guitar and his voice (and breaks a few of the strings of his guitars every night ). The other thing that struck me is that the Circus Bar is a bar with mostly live rock music the like of which I have rarely encountered on the Greek islands and what is certain, apart from other things, is that it keeps the tradition of fun alive in Ios.

When I say tradition of course I mean my own personal experience of the tradition I encountered as a teenager for several summers on Ios, since the whole island was an ensemble that usually ended with instruments being played and songs sung from Chora to Mylopotas until dawn. At the Circus Bar you can experience this magical atmosphere of Ios. You can sip your drinks and your beers at very reasonable prices and meet the extraordinary people who are the customers, the artists and the staff who work in the bar.

For the three days I stayed on Ios I was at the Circus Bar every night sitting in my corner smoking outside the Bar, and besides Guy Hamilton I listened to Peter Byrne and Etienne Belin who I liked a lot (especially Etienne with their theatrical elegance) who I would recommend to listen to on the internet or even better go to Ios to hear them.

Circus Bar on facebook

And some information about the artists / PeterByrneMusic

Ios Island Photos

Ios is a beautiful Cycladic Island near Santorini although not as famous as its neighbor, has loyal friends from around the world.

Ios island has a picturesque capital town (Chora) and some of the finest beaches in the Aegean Sea.

Certainly Ios island is famous for entertaining offering to its visitors with its many bars, but the tour of the island has a lot to offer to visitors also.

Dimitrios Asithianakis is a photographer and photography teacher. You can find him on Facebook Dimitrios Asithianakis.

Mykonos Island Greece

mykonos island greece

Mykonos was an insignificant island in the Cyclades until it was discovered by travelers in the late 19th century as it was necessary for them to pass by en-route to the nearby and uninhabited Delos. Several decades passed and by the 1960s Mykonos had become the Mecca of the international jet set and even in more conservative times it had been a gay-friendly island.

mykonos island greece

Despite the development of tourism that Mykonos has seen in recent years, it still remains a stunningly beautiful island of the Cyclades. Sometimes, it can become a little intolerable because in fact there are a lot of people on the island especially during the summer, but there are always opportunities to explore Mykonos at a more relaxed pace besides high season.

mykonos island greece

What make’s Mykonos stand out is its unique atmosphere and the light that brings out the best colours of the Aegean, the colors of the sky and the sea, the dry Cycladic stones and the white-washed walls with their colorful window shutters.

mykonos island greece

Rhodes island Greece


rhodes island greece

The island of Rhodes is the capital of the Dodecanese and is one of the most cosmopolitan of the Greek islands. Rhodes is a very popular international tourist destination and has direct flights to major European cities.

rhodes island greece

It is a large island and you will need several days to explore it. Although Rhodes is famous for its medieval Old Town which is one of the Unesco World Heritage sites, wherever you go on the island you will be dazzled by its extraordinary beauty.

rhodes island greece

What you most definitely should visit in Rhodes is the Castle town of Lindos, the special beauty of the area of Prasonisi, the Green Valley of the Butterflies and the 7 springs. As for the beaches in Rhodes you can find countless and for every taste. In recent years, Rhodes has emerged as a popular destination for extreme water sports.

rhodes island greece

Santorini island Greece

Santorini island Greece

Santorini is a unique Greek island in the Cycladic island group and indeed in the entire world. Santorini has a unique charm thanks to its particular style of architecture and the volcano which has formed the wonderful caldera. These have made Santorini one of the most popular travel destinations in Greece and around the world.

Santorini island Greece

Santorini is a travel photographer’s paradise as there is nothing on the island that does not deserve to be photographed. Although I love all the Greek islands Santorini remains my favorite.

Santorini island Greece

Apart from the volcano and the unique landscape Santorini  island has one of the most important prehistoric villages in the area of Akrotiri, while being famous around the world for its local products, mainly wine, fava beans and the Santorini tomato. Because Santorini is my favorite destination I will follow with many posts about the stunning island of Santorini so as to share with you its unique beauty.

Santorini island Greece

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Lefkada island Greece

Lefkada is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea with a peculiarity. There is no need to board a boat to visit the island as it is well linked to the main land by a floating bridge.

The island became famous around the world during the decade of the 1960’s as the Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis bought a small island called Scorpio close to Lefkada, upon which he married Jacqueline Kennedy, the widow of the murdered US President John F Kennedy. Scorpio was recently purchased from the granddaughter of Onassis, by the Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev for his daughter Ekaterina Rybolovleva.

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Today Lefkada is a well developed tourist destination that stands out for its exceptional natural environment and its famous beaches, while in recent years it has become very popular for the enthusiasts of Wind and Kite surfing.

Discover true luxury in Lefkada island Greece