About my Blog

My idea for a blog such as existed even before the creation of my first online travel guides in 2005 and even before I started my first website devoted to photography back in 2001…about my blog!

About myself

Hi, my name is Dimitrios Asithianakis. I was born in Germany in 1965 to Greek immigrant parents. In 1971 my parents brought me back to Greece to go to a Greek school. I grew up in Athens where I…about myself!

Direct Contact

Those wishing to contact me can do so add me as a  facebook friend

or call me directly on my cell phone at (Greece)  +30 6944303397. Otherwise leave a comment as I will be happy to hear from you.

For those who would like to use my photos on their blog, they can do so only by using the photos as watermarked, without cropping and only after publishing a link to the original post or to the home page of

For those who want to use my photos for commercial, corporate or a personal website, you must first ask my permission to do so as there will be a chargeable fee.

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