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What I loved most in Montanema

Montanema handmade village undoubtedly is a unique hotel. A wonderful place surrounded by virgin nature. There are many things you can adore in your stay there. From the luxury homes with modern fireplaces, the spring water who running in your tap, the wonderful staff, the excellent food in Fournia restaurant or the Irema cafe. But what I liked most in Montanema are small details in architecture and decoration that really touch me, and some of these I want to present to you with my photos.

Some lamps in the hotel’s café

The lucky horseshoe in every one  of the hotels  houses

An old  hanger (monk we call it in Greece)

Details of folk mason in a fence

Dimitrios Asithianakis is a photographer and photography teacher. You can find him on Facebook Dimitrios Asithianakis.